About Us

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is James C. Alexander Jr.  and I love socks!   Just so you know that is not me in the picture.  I'm a Man of God who is a Husband, dad, uncle, granddad, brother and son.  I love music, and plays several instruments.  I enjoy working out and being active.  With that in mind I truly realized how your feet play a very important part of life.  I know I know, You are probably like dude really?  You just now realizing that?  Nah, it's nothing like that.  We only pay attention to certain things when there is a problem with them.  Just bringing the obvious to the forefront.  Your feet have a great duty to us.   They carry us everywhere!   Taking care of our feet is a great way to enjoy the daily routines of life.  We love pampering ourselves with gifts, whether it be clothes, jewelry or shoes even.  Why not take it a step further and grab a nice pair of socks?  Socks protect your feet and add comfort to the brute that they are put through each and every day.  Socks that gives comfort, style and yes odor is a plus.  This is why I decided to get into socks.  I love variety and what better way to add to your outfit than with a pair of great feel good, look good socks.  I always struggled with finding socks that I could wear that would compliment and not make my feet sweat.   That's when I realized that socks is just as important to my daily wear as anything else.   So, welcome and I hope you enjoy the variety of socks we carry.  If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to send me an email.